Access to Information

Cornwall Community Hospital routinely provides information to the public through its Administration, its Communication Office, and its web site. A request for information contained in hospital records can also be made formally under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), however; it is not necessary to file an official request for information that is routinely released to the public.

Informal Process

There is no automatic requirement to invoke the formal provisions of FIPPA in order to obtain information. In keeping with past practice, informal inquiries are welcomed and will continue to be dealt with by the appropriate personnel. Staff are encouraged to continue to release general information, respond to routine inquiries, and provide copies of records as appropriate while respecting the need to protect privacy.

Personal Health Information

Requests for access to one’s Personal Health Information are governed by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Such requests are to be directed to the Hospital’s Health Information Services. You may click on this link for information on Privacy.

Formal Process for General Records or Personal Information

Formal requests for access to information can be made under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for records that came under the custody or control of the Hospital on or after January 1, 2007 and should be submitted to the Hospital’s Freedom of Information Office. A formal application for access must be in writing, accompanied by a $5.00 application fee, and provide sufficient detail to enable the Hospital to identify the records. If an individual is seeking access to his/ her own personal information, the request must also identify the location of the personal information being requested or the personal information bank. All written requests must also include the following contact information: name, address, and day-time telephone number.

Requesters may find it convenient to submit their request on the Hospital's FIPPA Access/Correction Request Form. However, any written request that makes reference to the Act and is accompanied by the required application fee will be accepted.

The FIPPA Access/Correction Request Form is available from the Hospital's Freedom of Information Office or you may click on this link to print a form: FIPPA Access/Correction Request Form (PDF), and submit along with the $5 application fee to:

Cornwall Community Hospital

c/o Freedom of Information Office

840 McConnell Avenue

Cornwall, Ontario K6H 5S5

Upon receipt of a written request, an acknowledgment letter will be sent to the requester. If a request does not sufficiently describe the record sought, staff in the Freedom of Information Office will contact the requester for clarification of the request.

The Hospital will make every reasonable effort to respond to a request within thirty days after a complete request is received, unless specific exceptions in FIPPA apply that warrant an extended period of time to respond.


In processing a request, costs for time, materials and services will be incurred. If it appears that the cost of processing the request will be over $25.00, the requester will be given a fee estimate before the Hospital grants access to the records. If the cost estimate is $100.00 or more, the Hospital may require the requester to pay a deposit equal to 50 percent of the estimate before taking any further steps to respond to the request. You may click on this link for a list of Fees.

Tips on Formal Applications

·Mail or deliver the completed request with original signature and the $5.00 application fee to Cornwall Community Hospital's Freedom of Information Office. Cheques should be made payable to “Cornwall Community Hospital”.

· As a formal request is not complete until the original is received and the $5.00 fee paid, emails and faxes are not acceptable for a formal request under FIPPA.

. Be as specific as possible in describing the records that you would like to access. The more specific your request, the more quickly and accurately it can be answered. If you are using the FIPPA Access/Correction Request Form and need more space, continue your description on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the request form. In particular, include the location and time period of the records, if known. If you are requesting your own personal information, please be sure that you give the name appearing on the requested records and any identifying number that relates to the records. You will have to provide proof of your identity before the records are released to you. If you are requesting records for another person, you will have to provide proof that you have the authority to act for that person.

Directory of Records and Personal Information Banks

The Hospital has prepared a publication which describes the types of general records and personal information banks. Personal Information Banks are defined as a collection of personal information that is organized and capable of being retrieved using an individual’s name or an identifying number or particular assigned to the individual. Access the Directory of Records and Personal Information Banks.

External Links

  • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario (IPC)