The Rewards of Volunteering  Volunteers at CCH

Volunteers at Cornwall Community Hospital make a difference in our community!

Volunteers at Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) are exceptional people and a valued part of the hospital community. CCH is fortunate to have an amazing and diverse group of dedicated volunteers willing to share their time and expertise to improve the patient experience.

Volunteer with us!  Whatever your background, experiences and interests, there are many volunteer programs available to find a good fit for most people. Our volunteer programs are as diverse as our amazing volunteers and include greeting, wayfinding and information with patients, family and visitors; working directly with patients in support of CCH staff; and supporting Auxiliary fundraising activities such as working in our lovely Gift Shop or through the sale of lottery tickets. Our Volunteer Team is looking for people with a willingness and desire to help people; time to share; and a belief in the hospital ICARE values of Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Engagement.

Commitments and qualifications

Volunteers at CCH have the following values, characteristics and qualifications:

  • The desire to help CCH provide “Exceptional Care. Always.”
  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older. If you are a student age 16 or older, click here to see information for student placements.
  • Be willing to commit a minimum of 96 hours per year (an average of 8 hours per month).  Depending on the length of shift, this works out to a schedule of working (1) shift of (2) hours each week, or a schedule of (2) shifts of (4) hours each month.
  • Individuals who wish to volunteer at Cornwall Community Hospital must be vaccinated for Covid-19 (at this time this represents a minimum of (2) doses of a Canadian approved vaccine).
  • Cottagers and snowbirds are welcome.
  • Be friendly and willing to work as part of the CCH Team!
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