Coming to the Hospital


Did You Know? 

Parking fees are an important source of revenue; they help support unfunded costs and critical medical equipment.


Payment for hospital parking will be made inside the building -

Parking Ticket Dispensers are located near main hospital exits where a parking fee must be paid. A ticket will be printed which is to be scanned at the gate upon exit.

Visitors/patient will be required to push a button on the entry terminal which will dispense a ticket that must be brought in with them. By taking the ticket out of the terminal, the gate will open allowing visitors to find a place to park their vehicles and proceed to entering the hospital. Once they are ready to leave the hospital, this ticket will need to be inserted into one of the pay stations inside the building. The amount will depend on how long the stay was with the minimum being $3.00. The pay stations are located on the first floor at the main entrance, the ambulatory care clinic entrance, and in the waiting room in the emergency department. 

A parking pass, valid for a month, costs $45 plus a refundable deposit of $20 and may be paid with cash, or debit or credit card. Parking passes are available from the Cashier during business hours (0800hrs - 1600hrs).

The pay structure will be as follows:

  •  0-60 minutes = $3.00
  • Over 60 minutes = $6.00 (if you leave the parking lot then return you will have to purchase another ticket)
Please note if you are at the hospital for consecutive days you will be charged for every 24 hour time period. Monthly parking passes are still available for purchase at the cashier’s desk, beside patient registration.

If someone enters the lot and discovers the lot is full, their ticket will allow them to leave without paying provided they leave within 10 minutes. This is intended to minimize the stress associated with the full lots. It is important to note that visitors should only pay for parking when they are fully prepared to leave and not when first entering the building. There will be a grace period of 20 minutes to allow for people to reach their vehicles and leave safely.

840 McConnell: Which entrance do I use?

Main Entrance (south side)

Main Entrance - south sideWhen arriving to the hospital you will notice two entrances. The new main entrance is located on the south side of the building (where there are no traffic lights). This entrance is for all your non-emergency needs including, but not limited to: ultrasound, MRI, EKG, ECG, X-ray, CT scanning, endoscopy, day surgery, respiratory care, mammography, chemotherapy, hemodialysis, etc.. The main entrance is also where registration, switchboard, pay phones, and an ATM are situated. If the parking lot closest to the doors (located on your left upon entry) is full, there is additional parking on the same side of the building in the adjacent lot.


June 2023: Please note that the P6 parking lot on the south side of the building is currently being resurfaced. While work is underway, vehicles entering the P6 parking lot may be redirected to park elsewhere on-site as needed. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards enhancing our hospital campus.

Emergency Entrance (north side)

Emergency Entrance- north sideThe emergency entrance is located on the north side of the building and is highlighted by a new set of traffic lights and a new sign with bold red lettering. Use this entrance for any critical situations where you need immediate attention. After taking this entrance, please turn at your first left and park in the designated area directly across from the emergency doors.




You will see a hand sanitizer station set up in each entrance; please stop to sanitize your hands when entering the hospital. Free medical grade masks are also available in each entrance; wearing a mask continues to be required at all times when in the hospital.


*If you require any assistance getting to your desired destination please do not hesitate to ask. One of our staff members will be more than happy to help you get where you need to go.