main hospital building at night


Cornwall Hospital is Prepared for Virus Season


With influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and COVID-19 cases on the rise locally and across the country, Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) wishes to reassure our community that we are prepared for the surge of patients suffering from respiratory illness.

Our Emergency Department has implemented an action plan to address a rise in paediatric patients arriving with symptoms of RSV, and additional beds have been allocated for paediatric patients in our Women and Children’s Health Department. CCH also has Respiratory Therapists working 24/7; these certified medical professionals specialize in treating individuals who are having trouble breathing.

As we enter this respiratory virus season, our Emergency Department continues to see extremely high patient volumes, and like most hospitals throughout the province, CCH is managing a health human resources shortage. Despite this, our committed healthcare teams are working their hardest to ensure there are no service disruptions and that every person can receive exceptional care, no matter the circumstance.

When coming to the Emergency Department, please remember that patients are triaged based on the severity of their symptoms and the sickest patients are always seen first. We understand this may seem frustrating for those who have been waiting a long time for care, but it allows us to prioritize life saving and urgent procedures. We ask that you be kind and respectful with our staff and physicians, who are doing their best during these challenging times.

You can do your part to help slow the spread of respiratory illness in the coming months by getting your flu shot and COVID-19 booster. For the protection of our staff, physicians, and vulnerable patients, wearing a mask is still always required while in the hospital.

While we may not be able to predict how the coming months will unfold, Cornwall Hospital and our committed healthcare teams are ready to answer the call.