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Introducing Offload Specialists: Cornwall Hospital’s Innovative Approach to Bridging the Gap Between Pre-Hospital and Hospital Care


As part of an innovative new initiative to help reduce ambulance offload delays, provide hands-on support to frontline healthcare workers, and enhance access to care, Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has hired three paramedics who will serve as new Offload Specialists in the Emergency Department.

Offload Specialists will play a vital role in supporting paramedics during the offload process at the hospital’s Emergency Department. Often paramedics experience delays in transferring lower urgency patients to the Emergency Department due to the high demand on hospital resources. By introducing Offload Specialists, CCH aims to streamline this process, ensuring a seamless transition for patients while allowing municipal paramedics to return to the field more promptly.

Their responsibilities will also include working in collaboration with the care team to provide patient care within their scope of paramedicine practice and standards, gathering necessary patient information, coordinating with hospital personnel, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for patients, and assisting with any required tasks.

“We are proud to introduce these new Offload Specialist positions at Cornwall Hospital as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance access to care,” said Jeanette Despatie, President and Chief Executive Officer at Cornwall Hospital. “We believe this new role will have a significant impact on our emergency services and will strengthen the entire continuum of care for our community.”

“The creation of the Offload Specialist positions is a testament to our hospital’s commitment to collaboration and innovation in healthcare delivery,” said Dr. Anastasios Boubalos, Chief of Staff at Cornwall Hospital. “These new Offload Specialists will not only enhance patient care and safety at CCH, but also enable our local paramedics to focus on what they do best - saving lives.”

Successful applicants were hired earlier in July and are currently undergoing hospital orientation and training to ensure they are equipped and prepared to provide exceptional care within the hospital environment.