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SeamlessMD Transforms Surgical Experiences and Improves Patient Outcomes


For the past two years, Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has integrated SeamlessMD into patient care, improving the pre- and post-operative experiences of surgical patients.

SeamlessMD is available as a mobile app on your smartphone, tablet and/or online as a website on your computer. It provides free, interactive, step-by-step digital education to equip surgical patients with the information they need to prepare for and recover from their surgery at CCH.

Patients receive reminders, educational videos, tips for recovery, to-do lists, and useful resources to answer your questions before and after surgery. They also receive personalized guidance and check-ins from the care team.

Committed to advancing innovation, CCH became the first hospital in Canada to integrate SeamlessMD within its electronic health record system in 2022.

SeamlessMD has transformed the way in which we engage and monitor our surgical patients. Previously we relied heavily on paper and verbal instructions; we are now able to provide comprehensive, personalized education and guidance in real-time at your fingertips to help you prepare and recover more comfortably from home.

The outcomes of SeamlessMD have been profound for our patients and staff. The hospital has observed reduced length of stays and fewer Emergency Department visits and readmissions. More than 42% of patients reported that SeamlessMD helped them avoid at least one phone call to the hospital. Nearly 100% of patients who enrolled in SeamlessMD at CCH would recommend the service to others.

Here is what some of what our patients are saying:

“Any questions I might have had, would have been answered without having to phone someone or going to a hospital.”

“It had easy physiotherapy exercises with visuals I could follow. I felt connected to and followed by a healthcare professional. This helped me to feel confident about my progress.”

“Use of the daily surveys helped to keep me on track to work towards a full recovery. I called the office once after completing the survey and was advised to attend the clinic taking place that day. It was reassuring to know that staff took my concerns seriously.”

Dr. Chris Raynor, Orthopedic Surgeon at CCH, was part of the project’s implementation team in 2022, and two years later, can attest to the impact of SeamlessMD.

“I have had quite a few patients tell me that SeamlessMD was a lifesaver for them. On more than one occasion it has also allowed me to catch a deteriorating patient prior to anything serious, allowing me to prevent a potentially poor outcome such as a deep infection of an arthroplasty implant.”

Furthermore, according to Dr. Raynor, SeamlessMD places patients firmly at the centre of their care.

“It improves patient interactions with the surgical team and makes their recovery much more of an interactive process, reducing or eliminating any feelings of isolation after their procedure and allows them to feel supported. It also improves their ability to provide feedback to the hospital and to their surgical team so that they can improve their own care and the care of others who are undergoing similar procedures.”

SeamlessMD is available for patients undergoing hip replacement, knee replacement, colorectal, shoulder, breast, and emergency surgeries at CCH. To enroll and enhance your experience and outcomes, consult with the surgical care team at CCH for guidance.

Additionally, CCH is excited to announce the return of MyChart™, the hospital's patient portal, on May 15th. More details will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Patients and families can stay updated by following CCH on social media or visiting our website at

By implementing innovative digital solutions like SeamlessMD, CCH continues to lead the way in delivering and enhancing patient-centred care as part of our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.