main hospital building at night


Teamwork is the real pandemic story at CCH


At the peak of this latest wave of COVID-19, many of our staff or their families became sick, and with required isolation periods, we were challenged to consider how we need to continue to meet the needs of our patients.

This is when our CCH Team stepped up and demonstrated their commitment to our patients, providing safe and exceptional care, and exemplified our mission and values. To me, that is the real story of this pandemic at CCH.

Omicron has highlighted how much can be accomplished by individuals working as a team. Some staff were asked to work in different roles and functions, provide support in different areas, and provide patient care in whatever capacity they could given their knowledge, skill and judgement. Many worked extra hours to help fill in the gaps.

Although some days were harder than others, for Tasha Wells, Clinical Nursing Educator, the challenges presented by this latest wave of COVID-19 produced several positive takeaways.

“It absolutely created an awareness of what each member contributes to the team and how important each role is, as well as a deep appreciation for each other. It brought me great pride to see us come together to help each other through the tough times, because ultimately the patients depend on it.”

A large portion of patients were being cared for on the Medicine Unit throughout this latest wave. Cassidy O’Neil is a Registered Nurse who works on Medicine.

“Despite the pressures during this latest wave, we were always there for one another no matter the circumstances. When we noticed a co-worker was struggling to make it through a shift, we’d often crack jokes to make them smile, make sure they were eating and drinking properly, maybe buy them a coffee and of course helped them on the floor, ensuring our patients received the best care,” says Cassidy.

Linda Gravel is our Vice-President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer. Over the past several months, Linda has been doing walkthroughs of various units to speak with staff and observe their perseverance first-hand.

“I have been so impressed by the strong sentiments staff have shared around the importance of teamwork and collaboration. One theme I have heard repeatedly is that empathy is at the core of all they do; they’re caring with their hearts, so to speak,” says Linda. “We are brought together by our profession, but more importantly I believe through our passion for caring, our sense of teamwork and by wanting to see excellent outcomes for patients.”

For many healthcare workers, it’s not just a career, but it’s also a calling – the sense of needing and wanting to help people, even when the times get tough.

“The patient comes first. This can mean working late when someone is sick, working nights instead of getting together with friends, or missing Christmas morning with your family. When your actions directly affect a person’s life, commitment is essential every day,” expressed Katie Lalonde, a Respiratory Therapist at CCH.

Our CCH Team has come out of this latest wave stronger than ever and united towards the common goal of exceptional patient outcomes.

We hope the worst of the Omicron variant is behind us and we look forward to new opportunities and challenges in 2022.