The laboratory at Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) is operated by the Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association (EORLA), which is a member-based, non-profit organization managing 18 licensed, acute-care, hospital-based laboratories that support clinical programs in eastern Ontario’s Champlain Region.

The team of more than two dozen staff members in the EORLA lab at CCH collect and analyze tissue, blood, and bodily fluid samples from patients to help diagnose every health condition from cancer to COVID-19. Their multi-disciplinary lab analysis and diagnostic skills are essential to every patient’s health-care diagnosis.

More than 650 tests are processed every 24 hours at the EORLA lab at CCH for various departments including dialysis, chemotherapy, pharmacy, emergency, and multiple other clinics in the hospital. Everything from complete blood cell counts, venous blood gases, glucose levels, etc., are processed at the lab to help inform diagnosis and treatment plans for physicians and care teams.