Essential Caregiver Program

Hospitalization can be a major life event for patients and their loved ones. At Cornwall Community Hospital, we appreciate the significant impact of family, friends and caregivers on the patient experience and safety. As such, the Essential Caregiver Program has been developed to better integrate caregivers in the patients’ care throughout their hospital journey. The program works to identify and support the caregiver as an integral member of the care team.

Who are essential caregivers?

Essential Caregivers are selected by the patient or substitute decision-maker.  This could be a family member, friend or neighbor who is actively involved in the care provided to a loved one or close contact. Essential Caregivers are individuals who advocate for the patient and provide the patient with critical, ongoing, personal, emotional and physical support and care. 

What does being an Essential Caregiver include?

  • Emotional support and physical presence to promote patient well-being.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living such as feeding, mobility, personal care and hygiene.
  • Support with communication impairments such as hearing, visual, or speech, or cognitive impairments such as memory.
  • Advocate regarding values and cultural and spiritual beliefs of patient.
  • Assistance for the patient to connect with family and friends and keep loved ones informed.
  • Support in helping the patient with care planning, decision making.
  • Eventual discharge planning.

Benefits of being in the Essential Caregiver Program at CCH

  • Better Outcomes for your Loved One! Including you as an EC will result in a better patient experience for your loved one at Cornwall Community Hospital.
  • Improved Communication / involvement with Care Team. As a registered EC with visible identification, your loved one’s care team is authorized to share information so they can support you and your loved one as you participate in care and decision-making.
  • Improved Access to your Loved One should the hospital experience visitation restrictions due to infectious outbreaks, registered ECs will have priority access versus a regular visitor.
  • Safety Training on how to protect both your loved one and yourself from infectious germs (such as Covid-19) as well as orientation on hospital emergency codes.
  • Access to Family Caregiver Centre receive a tour and access to the Family Caregiver Centre for respite and Caregiver resources. There is also an opportunity to join Caregiver information sessions if desired.

For more information

  • 613-938-4240 ext. 3519