Assault And Sexual Abuse Program

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Care. Confidentiality. Respect

We provide care to any person of any age who has been sexually assaulted. We also provide care to any person who is being abused by their intimate partner. Types of abuse can be physical, sexual, mental/emotional, spiritual, or financial. Our focus is on the health and well-being of our clients. All of our clients deserve and receive our respect and unconditional support. We do not judge. We respect our clients’ privacy and wishes. ASAP services are completely confidential. We do not involve the police unless the adult client (16 years of age and older) wants us to do so. If a victim is under the age of 16 and has been sexually assaulted, we may be required to call the Children’s Aid Society.

For further information, contact the Program Nurse at 613-938-4240, ext. 4552. 


Go directly to the Emergency Department of Cornwall Community Hospital at 840 McConnell Avenue and at Triage ask for an ASAP nurse.

Any sexual assault within the last 12 days is considered an emergency. 

Victim Help

Health-care related: 613-938-4240, ext. 4552

Counselling: 613-938-4240, ext 4552

Requests for Training, Presentations or General Information

Telephone: 613-938-4240, ext. 4552

Toll-free: 1-866-263-1560


Mailing Address

Assault and Sexual Abuse Program (ASAP)

Cornwall Community Hospital

840 McConnell Avenue

Cornwall, Ontario K6H 1Z6