Assault And Sexual Abuse Program

If you have been recently sexually assaulted or a victim of intimate partner violence (domestic violence), please come immediately to the Emergency Department at Cornwall Community Hospital and ask for an "ASAP nurse."

Cornwall Community Hospital Assault and Sexual Abuse Program (ASAP) provides around-the-clock services and support for women, men and children who reside in Cornwall or in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Established in 1992, ASAP is one of a number of hospital-based, sexual assault/partner violence victim-care centres in Ontario. It is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. (

We offer four types of service:

  • Emergency care
  • Counselling
  • Referrals
  • Outreach and training

Emergency Care

Clients in need of urgent medical care are advised to go to the emergency department at the Cornwall Community Hospital (840 McConnell Avenue) and ask for an ASAP nurse. At the hospital, the client will receive care from an ASAP nurse examiner or a physician and treated for physical injuries and/or sexual assault. The client must consent to see the ASAP nurse examiner and then can choose what options of care they receive from the ASAP nurse.

At the time of the visit, the nurse can collect physical evidence of the sexual assault or abuse, as well as document the assault. The ASAP nurse can also do forensic photography of injuries, perform drug testing if the client thinks they may have involuntarily ingested drugs, test and treat sexually transmitted infections, test for pregnancy and provide prophylactic medication for pregnancy and HIV. The evidence collected will be stored at the hospital until the client consents to have it released for legal action. The ASAP nurse can assist with community referrals, referrals to counseling and assist with safety planning.

After the initial visit, if the client consents, the ASAP Program nurse will contact the client to provide follow-up care.


In addition to our nurses, the ASAP team includes full-time social workers who provide services relating to both recent and past sexual assault and domestic violence.Depending on the client's needs, these services may include evaluation and counselling, or referrals to shelters or health-care or mental-health professionals, if appropriate.


Because the effects of sexual and domestic violence are complex and cannot be met by any one group, ASAP works with a variety of community organizations to provide a continuum of care to victims and survivors of assault or abuse.

Outreach and Training

Raising awareness and providing training for professionals such as police and health-care providers are important parts of what we do. Our staff is available to answer questions, conduct presentations and provide training on topics such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, date rape and sexual harassment. Individual presentations and seminars can be tailored for community organizations and area businesses.

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To request a copy of the ASAP departmental brochure or to obtain any additional information please contact us at