General Radiography - X Rays

This area encompasses all general x-rays that your health care provider may order, i.e chest x-ray, arm, leg, etc. Our hours of operation are 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with priority given to trauma, emergency and inpatients.

What is an x-ray?

X-Rays are a diagnostic tool primarily used to produce a radiographic image. A radiation beam passes through the area of interest, and is captured by a detector which produces a two dimensional image. General radiography is typically used to produce images of not only bones, but the lungs, the heart and internal organs.

Why do I hold my breath?

General radiography is comparable to regular photography with your personal digital or film camera. The images are subject to motion artifacts that you would experience with any type of camera. For some parts of the body, we require you take in a full breath and hold it so that structures can be inflated and seen in their entirety (i.e a chest x-ray for the lungs). Other exams are subject to motion because of internal organs moving while we breath. For these studies, you are asked to suspend your respiration while the image is produced.

Why do I have to remove my clothing for certain x-Rays?

For some examinations you may be asked to remove clothing, piercings, glasses and some times dentures. Obstructing articles in the area of interest must be removed. Digital radiography obtains an enormous amount of detail. Even the print on your t-shirt may be picked up during your chest x-ray and can cause difficulty distinguishing whether the markings are internal or external to your body.

Will I have to wait long to have my x-ray done?

Generally the amount of time that is required to complete your x-rays can range anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour, depending on what your health care provider has ordered. A regular chest x-ray or examination of an arm or leg will take only a few minutes. However a specialized study of internal organs could take up to a half hour.

When will my Health Care Provider receive the results?

The results will be faxed directly to whomever ordered your examination. Depending on the time of day or which day of the week you had your examination on, your health care provider should receive the results within two to three days at the latest.

I need a copy of my exam to take out of town to a physician consult. How do I arrange this?

At CCH, all imaging exams are captured digitally on computers, should you require a copy for a follow up examination outside of CCH, your physician can make arrangements for a “CD” by contacting the radiology office.

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