Heart Blood Flow/Perfusion Study Test

What is it:

This test is used to study the blood circulation in your heart. There are two different tests that can be done. Your doctor has already decided which one you will be doing, either an exercise perfusion study or a persantine cardiolite perfusion study.


  • You must fast 4 hours before your test—nothing to eat, drink or smoke!
  • No caffeine for 48 hours before your test—no coffee, decaf, tea, sodas or colas (Coke, Pepsi), chocolate drinks or bars, energy drinks…
  • Stop any nitro patch on the test day
  • Stop any Viagra or Cialis 24 hours before the test


You will be asked to read a consent form which explains in more detail the test you are about to take. We will start an intravenous so that we may inject the medications. We will also apply electrodes to your chest and attach you up to a monitor.

If you are having the persantine test , this drug will be injected over 4 minutes followed by the nuclear agent then finally with theophylline to reverse any side effects you may have felt . This will take 10 minutes to complete.

If you are having a treadmill test, you will walk on the treadmill and then be injected with the nuclear agent.

If you experience any discomfort or symptoms during test let the therapist or physician know. Both will be present at all times during the test. After your procedure is done, you will be required to eat your light meal and report to the nuclear dept for a scan of your heart. You will be approximately 3 hours at the hospital for this test.