Cardiac Stress Test

What is a cardiac stress test?

A cardiac stress test may also be called a treadmill test or exercise test and it helps your doctor decide if you have heart disease, and if so, how severe it might be. As your body works harder while you walk on the treadmill, it requires more oxygen and your heart has to pump more blood. The test can show if blood supply to the heart is reduced by blocked arteries.

What to bring for the test?

You should bring comfortable clothes and shoes for exercise and a list of your medications. Your doctor may advise you to stop some medications before your test.

What happens during your test?

You will be hooked up to equipment to monitor your heart and blood pressure.

You will begin walking on a treadmill and the speed and incline (tilt) will increase every three minutes to make your heart beat faster.

If you do not feel you can continue safely, you can have the test stopped. After exercise we will continue to monitor your heart.

Is there a risk?

The risk of a serious event is very low and medical professionals are on hand in case anything unusual happens.

How long will this test take?

The test will take approximately 20 minutes but be prepared to spend approximately 1 hour at the hospital.