Spirometry Tests

What is Spirometry?

If your doctor has order a spirometry test it is to determine your lung function and possibly the response to inhalers. This test is performed by a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT).


If you take inhalers for your breathing, please ask your physician if you should take them before the test.


You will be asked to blow forcefully into a mouthpiece, attached to the spirometer. You will need to repeat this at least 3 times to obtain an accurate measurement.

Some people experience dizziness, chest pain, coughing while doing the test. Please tell us if you develop any symptoms while doing the test.

Sometimes this test may not be indicated due to certain circumstances that could cause the results to be unreliable or that could aggravate the following conditions: Pneumothorax, unstable cardiovascular status, recent heart attack, recent blood clot in the lungs, recent eye, abdominal or chest surgery, an aneurysm in the chest, abdomen or head, or an acute disease process. Please advise us if you have any of the above conditions.

Length of time

This breathing test can take up to 60 minutes. You do not need an appointment, but should report to room 1456 in the Cardio-Respiratory Department at the McConnell site from Monday through Friday between 0900hrs - 1500hrs

To contact us:

Phone: 613-938-4240 Ext 4416

Fax: 613-938-5389

Booking appointments are given between 0900hrs to 1500hrs

Monday to Friday with the exception of statutory holidays