Addiction Services

Addiction Services is a community-based program offering a comprehensive range of specialized therapeutic services to address problems associated with substance use, addiction, and problem gambling for individuals ages 12 and over. Our program is geared towards providing services to all those experiencing problematic issues with addiction, including family members and friends of someone who is dealing with alcohol, drug, or gambling abuse.

~ Services are offered at the main office in Cornwall at 850 McConnell Ave. and at two satellite locations in Winchester and Alexandria ~

Programs at Addiction Services include:

  • Substance Abuse Community Treatment Program: weekly or biweekly individual sessions offered to individuals concerned with their use of drugs and/or alcohol. Services include assessment, therapy, referral, follow-up, and relapse prevention.
  • Problem Gambling Program: weekly or biweekly individual sessions for people who are concerned about their gambling behaviour. Services include assessment, therapy, referral, follow-up, and relapse prevention.
  • Supportive Housing Program: service provided for individuals who have had multiple treatment episodes, have had difficulty maintaining safe housing, and who require a more intensive level of support to reach their goals. Intensive case management is received to aid in securing safe and secure housing as this is linked to increased success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Services include frequent therapy sessions, ongoing life skills training, and rent supplement support.
  • Mother Connections (ECD): intensive case management program for women who consume alcohol and/or drugs and who are pregnant and/or parenting children aged 0-6. Services include therapy, education, assessment, referral, and relapse prevention. This program can be offered to clients in their home to increase access to treatment.
  • Specialized Opioid Treatment Program: designed to increase access to services for people with opioid addictions. This program focuses on the needs of individuals and their families. Services include assessment, therapy, case management, referral, and relapse prevention. This program is based on client-centered care, takes a harm reduction approach, and works collaboratively with community partners.
  • The St. Denis Centre: a 16-bed supportive addiction treatment facility for men aged 18 and over. Located in Cornwall, St. Denis offers 24-hour counseling along with an in-house addiction therapist offering individualized treatment planning, group counseling, intensive case management, and referral. Programming includes life skills, recreation, recovery enhancement, and relapse prevention. Treatment plans are based on individual need. Men stay at St. Denis an average of four to six months.


  • Next Step: a four session educational group discussing topics such as coping with urges, relapse prevention, self-esteem, assertiveness, emotions, communication, and much more.
  • Concurrent Disorder Group: a 26 weeks program to provide psychoeducation and group therapy to help manage concurrent disorders as well as, prevent the development of substance abuse issues. Each session will address substance use and mental health and its’ interaction and is of 1.5 hours per session.
  • Family Group:a 4 hr psycho-educational group designed to increase awareness, understanding, and support to those involved with loved ones experiencing substance abuse and/or problem gambling 

*Groups are held throughout different times of the year. Please contact us to inquire about when groups are set to begin. Referrals to residential treatment services and other community services are also available when appropriate.


AccessMHA is a service that provides a single point of entry to Eastern Ontario’s system of care for adult (16+ years old) mental health and addictions services. Cornwall Hospital's Community Addiction and Mental Health Services are available through AccessMHA. For access to addiction and mental health services, please: 


  1. Fill out a form at
  2. A mental health and addictions professional will work with you to assess your needs and connect you to the right services within our health care network.


850 McConnell Avenue
Cornwall Ontario
Hours of Operation- 8:00 – 4:30, after hours appointments available. All services are voluntary.
Telephone: 613-361-6363
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